Ben Clement

Ben Clement is a photo artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He has strong ties to his homeland in Gisborne, New Zealand (Aotearoa). Ben’s experience spans over ten years and his style is recognised across the globe. He believes that personality, experience and knowledge over time has helped define his unique approach and outlook to his photographic practice. He is currently accepting interview opportunities whilst working on a new body of personal work.

Co-founder of Good Sport

Co-founder of AM:PM.RC

Photography and direction for Fat Brad

Karakia published with Bloom Publishing


Website by Kolber

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Emlyn Olaver - Architects


Two projects for architect Emlyn Olaver. The Tivoli House and The Thornbury House. Working in collaboration with Emlyn to concept and develop the visual idea and outcome regarding these projects. Allowing for multiple days to shoot the right images based on the time of year, sunlight and personal responses to the images.